It all started when Tim Freeman was about 6 years old. He would take his battery-powered toys and manipulate them so they were faster and more powerful. Unbeknownst to Freeman, he was in the early stages of learning about series and parallel as it relates to batteries. So, it’s not surprising that some 40 years later he’s still experimenting with the power of DC batteries.

As the owner of T-Dawg’s Kuntry Karts, Tim has turned his childhood interest into a thriving business that builds custom golf carts for their clients.

Tim and his wife moved to East Texas twelve years ago and quickly realized how a golf cart could help them get chores done. It wasn’t long after that first golf cart purchase that the idea for T-Dawg’s Kuntry Karts was formed.

Since its inception, T-Dawg’s Kuntry Karts has met golf cart needs both locally and as far away as Phoenix, AZ. Tim is a certified golf cart technician and has honed his skills for all makes and models of electric and gas golf carts. He especially enjoys building golf carts that help people in some way.
Tim takes what he’s learned through the years and puts it into the golf carts that he custom builds. Customers need their carts to do specific things and so Tim takes care in building his carts to meet the demands a customer will put on it.

But that’s not all. Tim has also found a passion for golf cart drag racing. His electric golf cart is hopped up to 144 volts and in a 1/8th mile drag race hit 72 mph. Check out the Racing page for videos.

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